The most challenging job in the district is being a principal. Cynthia‘s experience as a former teacher, current principal and LAUSD parent is why I am supporting her. She is the most qualified candidate in this race.
— Viki Castro, Former LAUSD School Board Member

My campaign is dedicated to building a coalition of like minded people, organizations and institutions committed to transforming our schools and communities.



Endorses Principal and Parent
Dr. Cynthia Gonzalez

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Victoria M. Castro

Former LAUSD School Board Member


Latinas Lead

Endorses Latina Candidate Dr. Gonzalez


The Los Angeles Times

The only LAUSD District 5 candidate endorsed by the Los Angeles Times.

Educational leaders

Jeanne Fauci of the Center for Powerful Public Schools

Jeanne Fauci of the Center for Powerful Public Schools

Jeanne Fauci Former Co-Founder
Center for Powerful Public Schools*

She supported the development of Pilot Schools within the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), coached educators on all aspects of designing and implementing small district and worked to establish the conditions within school districts for sustainable, equitable, learner-centered small schools. Additionally, Ms. Fauci led the Linked Learning Center focused on implementing the Linked Learning Initiative at LAUSD and southern California high schools. A graduate of Pratt Institute, Ms. Fauci received the 2008 Coalition of Essential Schools Transformational Leadership Award for her commitment to improve educational outcomes for underserved students in LAUSD Local District 4.

Antonia Issa Lahera School Leadership Co-Director CSUDH*

Antonia Issa Lahera of CSU Dominguez Hills

Antonia Issa Lahera of CSU Dominguez Hills

Currently Dr. Lahera is working in two areas of her passion. The first is university teaching in an urban-focused educational administration program, helping to prepare those who will lead urban schools. The second is working with 27 districts within Los Angeles County that have been targeted by the federal government as needing technical intervention and assistance. Moving change along, creating the conditions where everyone learns and excellence is the norm, and continuing the work at hand fills each and every day.

Dr. Lahera holds a doctorate in Urban Leadership from the University of Southern California. She is a member of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, National Council Staff Developers, National Council Teachers of English International Reading Association, and the Association California School Administrators. She believes in the Quaker saying, “Let your life speak.”

Stu Semigran President and Founder of EduCare Foundation*

Stu Semigran has more than thirty years experience as an educator, developing and facilitating training programs for youth and adults in educational settings worldwide. He has trained thousands of youth, professionals, educators and parents in leadership development, dropout prevention, conflict resolution, violence prevention, teambuilding, self-esteem and service learning programs.

Stu Semigran of the EduCare Foundation

Stu Semigran of the EduCare Foundation

Mr. Semigran holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, a California Lifetime Teaching Credential and Master’s Degrees in Theology and Psychology. Mr. Semigran has developed education curriculum, including Making the Best of Me: A Handbook for Student Excellence and Self-Esteem.

From 1995-2000, in his position as EduCare’s President, Stu was instrumental in implementing school reform at over 70 schools and children’s centers through the Annenberg Project; LEARN Reform of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Mr. Semigran also currently serves on LAUSD Beyond The Bell’s Take Action Campaign steering committee. Under his leadership, EduCare has grown to serve over 25,000 students each year. Stu was a 2012 Humanitarian Award recipient, recognized by the David Chow Humanitarian Award Foundation for his service to youth.

educators, parents & students

Vita Valencia Community Representative Communication and Technology School*

It has been an honor working with Dr. Gonzalez and seeing the work she has done and the difference she has made.  The love and respect she shows to students, teachers and parents makes her an amazing person. The passion she has towards the community is truly admirable.

Deborah Chapman
Educator Roosevelt High School & UTLA Platinum Apple Award Recipient

Cynthia was my principal at Roosevelt High School, School of Law and Government, where I have been a teacher for over thirty years.  I loved her leadership style because she was never condescending; I trusted her for she always treated me as her equal, even though she was my supervisor.  Cynthia is smart, fair, and resolution oriented. She knows how to compromise but refuses to do so if it threatens the integrity of the desired outcome. The school board needs people who understand ALL of the stakeholders involved in education.  Cynthia has not forgotten what it is to be a student, a teacher, a parent, or community member. That is why she would be an excellent member of the school board.

Leticia Rojas Ed.D
Former Roosevelt High School  ELA Educator

Dr. Cynthia Gonzalez was my principal at Roosevelt High School.  In those years, I admired her work ethic and passion for students and for the transformative potential of education.  She created a culture of inclusivity, working alongside parents, teachers, and students to bring in programs and to foster those that were already there to support students.  Dr. Gonzalez also worked alongside teachers to improve their instructional practices and understood the significance of teacher-created assessments and student-centered curriculum.

To me, she encompassed what a true leader is, one who is guided by a strong vision and is willing to make tough decisions, as long as they are guided by what is best for students and communities.  She also proved that she had teachers’ backs and would go to bat for them. I think she would make a great school board member—a teacher, student, and community advocate who is from the community and for the community.

Sarah Melendrez Former student Communication and Technology School


Dr. Gonzalez changed my life and she doesn’t even know it. I was just starting my sophomore year of high school when she became my principal. I vividly remember the passion in her eyes and I knew she was a force to be reckoned with. Dr. Gonzalez not only set protocols and standards for all her staff, she was always there to help each and every one of the students. She believed in the potential and capabilities of her students, even the ones that were one step from dropping out. I recall all the events and activities she organized to bring everyone together. There was more school spirit than anyone had felt in years. School became a second home for us and for some individuals it was their only home. One of my favorite characteristics of Dr. Gonzalez is her grit. She never backs down from a fight, she pushes through challenges, and stays focused on what’s most important. There are not enough words for me to brag about how incredible Dr. Gonzalez truly is. She makes you believe that you are unstoppable and capable of doing so much good in this world. I forever will be grateful for the lessons she has taught me and I will move forward in my life, achieving my goals, knowing she is always my inspiration.

Asia Ord Former student
Communication and Technology School

Ms. Gonzalez helped me grow academically, emotionally and mentally with her words and wisdom.  She was more than just a principal she was a second mother to us all.

She motivated me to aim for higher things because she always believed I could.  She has made a huge impact on my life even after high school and I will always be thankful for her in my life and education.

Hugo Alvarez Former student
Bravo Medical Magnet High School

There are not enough words to describe how Ms. Gonzalez impacted my life. She put my life back on track and restored not only the lost confidence I had in myself, but my hope in other people.  An intervention is not an easy task but to handle it as she did. I wouldn’t be a couple of months away from being the first person in my family to graduate from college if it wasn’t for her. Her passion for students can and never will be forgotten.

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Vicky Castro- Former LAUSD School Board Member District 2

Carlos Salcedo- El Monte Union High School Board Member*  

Armando Diaz- Program Director EduCare Foundation*

Sofia Paiz- Area 4 Superintendent San Diego Unified School District*

Vivian Villanueva-  Retired Sheriff Deputy*

Sofia Paiz Ed.D Roditti Former Director

Dr. Gonzalez is an exceptionally committed equity leader who cares deeply about the students and families she serves.  She has spent almost two decades in public education creating school communities focused on accelerating student learning by maintaining high expectations and providing students with the supports they need to reach those expectations.

Dee Dee Lonon Former Advisor

Dr. Cynthia Gonzalez is an educator with integrity and intelligence.  She’s not just about the rhetoric or the politics of education but is actually doing the hard work for our kids right now!  Her vision of excellence includes everyone. Isn’t that what we want? Isn’t that what our students need? She’s excelled as a teacher and principal.  Now she’s ready to lead as our next Board Member.

Annik Draghi Ed. D Former Director

Dr. Cynthia Gonzalez exemplifies strong, informed, experienced, and courageous educational leadership.  She believes in the potential of excellence in her team, her students, and her learning community. Dr. Gonzalez leads for creative, innovative, and academic 21st Century teaching and learning. She ensures success because she is always an integral part of the process.  Dr. Gonzalez orchestrates excellence in education.

Community endorsements

Yamilet Vargas, Educator
Dr. Charles D. Smith, Educator
Davian Freeman, Educator
Luis Gomez, Educator
Desiree Herrera, Community Member
Maria Villatoro, Parent
Glenda Ramirez, Educator
Lucy Mendez, Educator
Alma Gonzalez, Educator
Greta Benavides, Educator
Williams Olmedo, Educator
Adriana Gutierrez, Educator
Javier Gutierrez, Parent
Sally Lopez, Educator
Kelly Gilmore, Parent
Luis Galvan, Educator
Jessica Krug, Educator
Claudia Monreal, Educator
Jean S. Mueller, Educator
Salwa Gibson, Educator
Annick Draghi, Educator
Wendy Mora , Educator
Isabel Baeza, Educator
Sarah Molina, Educator

Cynthia Castillo, Educator
Eftihia Danellis, Educator
Jimmy Gordillo, Educator
J. Turner, Educator
Gabriela Benitez, Educator
Erika Argueta, Educator
Eunice Martinez, Educator
Lorena E. Morales, Educator
Dee Robles, Educator
Catherine Godin, Educator
Jorge Parra Jr., Educator
Sandra Lopez, Educator
Dee Dee Lonon, Educator
Michelle Sánchez, Educator
Sandra Leon, Educator
Patricia Flores, Parent
Marshay Franks, Educator
Nancy Reyes, Educator
Arturo Flores, Community Member
Eiman Hernandez, Educator
Marlene Diaz, Educator
Yadira Hurtado, Community Member
Ashley Englander, Educator
Juanita Martinez, Parent