My Experience

Dr. Gonzalez has built her career in education throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area, which gives her extensive experience in how to properly run our schools and what they need to flourish. In addition, she has an Educational Doctorate in Educational Leadership, in which she will utilize her research to implement best practices for LAUSD’s District 5. Read more about her qualifications and experience below.



Educational Doctorate: Educational Leadership, 2018
• University of California, Los Angeles
• Dissertation: Bottom-up Accountability: How leadership teams in high-need schools contextualize and prioritize their work.
• Committee Members: Dr. John Rogers – Dr. Tyrone Howard – Dr. Karen Quartz – Dr. Pedro Noguera

Tier II Administrative Credential M.Ed: 2015
• University of California, Los Angeles

Tier I Preliminary Administrative Credential: 2009
• University of California, Los Angeles

Single Subject Teaching Credential, BCLAD and M.Ed: Education, 2003
• University of California, Los Angeles

Bachelor’s Degree: Sociology, 2001
• University of California, Santa Barbara

Achievements & Experience


Communication & Technology School •
Pilot School Principal, July 2014

·   Increased graduation rates from 59.0% to 86.4 % in 4 years.
·   Increased A-G “C” or better passage rate for seniors from 29% to 76% in 4 years.
·   Increased A-G “C” or better passage rate for all students from 24% to 51% in 4 years.
·   Increased 4-year college acceptance rates from 5% to 33% in 4 years.
·   Increased graduation rates for socioeconomically disadvantaged students 13.2%.
·   Increased graduation rates for students with disabilities 18.2%.
·   Increased graduation rates for Hispanic students 10.9%.
·   Received a 6 year WASC accreditation.
·   Develop and oversee school budgets.
·   Collaborate with leadership team and school partners in development of professional development.
·   Hire, evaluate and support 20 teachers in the effective delivery of classroom instruction.
·   Oversee and advise school wide committees.
·   Member of the Governing School Council.
·   Supervise school-wide activities and sports events.
·   Oversee Counselors and Coordinators.
·   Ensure school is compliant with district, state and federal policies and regulation.
·   Develop and oversee Tier I, II and III interventions.
·   Collaborate with 3 small school principals regarding contiguous space and campus wide events.
·   Support the implementation of blended learning programs as well as one to one iPad use.
·   Collaborate with leadership team regarding Elect to Work Agreement.
·   Collaborate with UTLA representative in the implementation of bell schedules and professional development.
·   Communicate with district personnel in order to ensure the success of the instructional and operational program.
·   Collaborate with counselors regarding parent workshops, trainings and communication.
·   Oversee Teacher Assistants and Community Representatives.
·   Oversee Office Technicians and ensure compliance of all enrollment and attendance procedures.
·   Responsible for the implementation of an effective School-wide Positive Behavior Support Plan, including restorative practices.

Small School Principal • 
July, 2010 to June, 2013

·   Ranked 6th in state and 4th in district for like school with an API growth of 68pts for the 2012-2013 school year.
·   Achieve gains on CST ELA and Math.
·   Decreased BB and FBB by 18% in ELA and 20% in Math.
·   Increased 9th to 10th grade transition rates by 4% and 10th to 11th grade transition by 9% in one year.
·   Increased CAHSEE passage rate by 9% in 3 years.
·   Increased graduation rates from 49% to 56% in one year.
·   Increased A-G “C” or better passage rates for graduates by 21% in one year.
·   Increased the number of students taking and passing AP courses from 73% to 79% in one year.
·   Increased the number of EL’s passing English courses with “C” or better by 7% in one year.
·   Increased the number of EL’s scoring basic or above on ELA CST by 14%.
·   Received Most Improved High School recognition for family and community engagement from the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools.
·   Received Academic Program of the Year for family and community engagement from the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools for the 2012-2013 school year.
·   Participated in the transformation of a comprehensive high school to seven small schools.
·   Wrote WASC and Single Plan for Student Achievement.
·   Oversaw instruction, teacher observation, professional development, operations and discipline.


Coordinator •
July, 2006 to June, 2010

·   Developed an intervention program highlighted in U.S. News and World Report, Top Ten Magnet Schools.
·   Responsible for school-wide categorical budgets.
·   Developed and coordinated intervention programs for at-risk students to improve 9th to 10th grade transition.
·   Developed professional development for teachers and parents.
·   Oversaw English Learner program.
·   Coordinated the AVID program and grew it from 25 to 100 students in two years.
·   Responsible for the functioning of the Parent Center, SSC, Title I and ELAC.
·   Contributed to the writing of the California Distinguished School application.
·   Organized annual parent conference for Title I parents.
·   Worked with counseling staff to develop parent and student intervention programs.
·   Coordinated Beyond the Bell programs and Saturday intervention programs.


Social Studies Teacher •
July, 2002 to June, 2006

·   Delivered classroom instruction to honors, sheltered and waiver to basic students.
·   Implemented History Alive curriculum.
·   Developed units using Understanding by Design.
·   Co-Chaired Yearbook.
·   Held day long workshop for low-performing students with various community organizations.
·   Organized parents to being the first Parent Teacher Association and was elected the first President.
·   Participated in UCLA’s Institute for Democracy Education and Access seminar on Education on Equal Terms

AWARDS & HONORS • Governor’s Teaching Fellowship Recipient 2001, Governor’s Teaching Scholarship Recipient 2001, Spotlight on Excellence Award Recipient 2001, Dean’s List Winter 2000