My Mission: innovate, Invest, & empower



Share best practices across schools and school networks
• Create personalized learning environments
• Establish support and accountability systems
• Improve enrollment practices
• Ensure that all schools serve all children

We need to leverage the power and talent that already exists in our district. We need to create systems that allow schools to share best practices with one another.  We need to be innovative in providing students personalized learning environments and changing the way we view accountability systems in order to foster supportive environments throughout our district.  We also have to be innovate about our current enrollment practices, because all schools should serve all kids and no one should be left out of a quality education.



• Increase funding for our schools
• Set up Cradle to Career pathways
• Enhance College and Career Readiness
• Employ quality teachers and leaders in schools
• Furnish professional development for all school employees
• Provide better mental health services
• Upgrade to 21st century facilities

In order to provide students the education they deserve we need to invest in providing schools the resources needed to be successful.  This includes training schools staff in highly effective practices and ensuring that our schools have the facilities needed to meet 21st century skills. We need to invest in early childhood education and fully fund our elementary schools so that our children are prepared to learn and grow.   



• Place decision making power and flexibility in the hands of schools
• Provide students multiple pathways of success
• Unite parents and communities
• Fight for the funding our schools deserve
• Establish Community Schools

We need to give power back to schools.  Schools need to have the flexibility to invest in programs that meet the needs of their students and communities.  They need funding, assessment and curriculum flexibility. Students need to be empowered by providing them multiple pathways of success. We do this by creating partnerships with community organizations, colleges, universities and businesses. We need to empower our communities by uniting parents to fight larger issues that keep kids from learning at high levels.  These include advocating for safer communities, affordable housing, and additional school funding.